Infiniski is a concept company within the architecture and construction industry. It offers a distinctive approach to design, architecture and construction to create architecturally designed, sustainable and affordable accommodation for a range of uses.

Infiniski relies on a modular prefabricated construction process, respecting the fundamentals of sustainability.

With offices in Madrid - Spain and Santiago - Chile, Infiniski can radiate on al continents.

Infiniski is:

  • Greener: Use of recycled and non polluting construction materials; Eco-friendly modular prefabricated construction process; Use of renewable energy; Bioclimatic architecture.
  • Cheaper: Typically between 15% to 20% cheaper than conventional construction.
  • Faster: More than 50% faster than conventional construction.
  • Cooler: Innovative and contemporary design and architecture.
  • Better: High quality finishing touches adapted to international standards of quality.
  • Flexible: Custom made design for all type of climate and building plots.
  • Modular and versatile: Easy to modify and enlarge.