All Infiniski projects are based on the added value of design and bioclimatic architecture.

Infiniski meets the needs of both developers and final consumers and can conceive any type of buildings:  single family homes, residential buildings, office buildings, lodges, back-yard studios, hotels etc.

Construction  schedules & budget

The Infiniski projects are up to 20% cheaper than conventional constructions and allow to save up to 50% in building schedules. A house of 90 m2 will take approximately 3 weeks to build and install.


Infiniski offers pre-designed models or “a la carte” adapting to the needs and desires of each client and to the  specificity of each site and lot.

Before final  and personalized designs you will need to abide by the specific building and planning requirements linked to your type of land and supply us with a survey and photographs so that we can advise you on what is possible and what the cost of the application may be.

Flexible & Functional

Infiniski’s projects are based on modular architecture and designs. They are thought of in a way they can be easily enlarged or modified adapting to the evolving needs of the client.

Quality & Insulation

All materials used respond to European and International standards of quality.  Importance is given to thermal insulation as a key aspect of a project’s sustainability and in the reduction of maintenance costs.

Limitations linked to climate or geagraphy

We can build on all types of land, and climate zones as long as accessibility is possible.

Modular and alternative method of construction

Infiniski’s alternative method of construction is based on an industrialized building process that permits a reduction in costs, time and environmental impact, while resulting in a better architectonic quality and improved design. It relies on modular architecture  and is based on the ISO standard of international transport. Depending on the project Infiniski will use prefabricated steel modules and/or reused shipping containers.


Planning permission is required for all change of use and new or substantially modified structures.

Modular buildings should be treated in the same way as traditional building by the planner, and would therefore have no detrimental effect on the application.

The external appearance can be adapted to suit any external surroundings by using cladding and changing the roofline.

Renewable Energy

Infiniski incorporates alternative and renewable energy depending on the needs and budget of each client. Infiniski will advise you on best  available options.


Infiniski designs and builds eco-friendly living spaces based on the use of recycled, reused and non polluting materials up to 80%: used containers, train rails, palettes and bottles; recycled aluminum, iron and wood.  Noble wood coming from sustainable forests, ecological painting, and thermal insulation made out of recycled cellulose etc.

The land

Is the land zoned as residential, employment or greenbelt? A call to your local planning officer will give you a good indication of whether the use that you hope for is possible.

  • Clear access is necessary.
  • On-plot sanitation system is viable through septic tanks in case sewerage off-plot system is not available.
  • Power and water supplies are vital.